Children’s Attractions



DinoRace is a uniquely challenging path that tests the skills of small children as they make their way between dinosaurs on a 100 meter circuit.



A unique DinoLabyrinth on the area of 1.000 m2 is a new attraction of our DinoPark!

Before discovering the secret at the end, you will pass around , rocks, through a moor and through the cave and tunnel. Only those who will not get lost will find what is waiting at the end


There is a large playground for children with many climbing frames, swings and seesaws, spider’s web and many other attractions for small, but also bigger children.



Who can find the skeleton of the prehistoric animal in the sand? The goal is to look carefully and thoughtfully! Which dinosaur has been lying in the sand for millions of years?



This is our name for all models with which (or in which) children can take photos. Get your unique pictures too!